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PON Activities The Polish Lowland Sheepdog is a very versatile breed. PONs have excelled in agility, obedience, rally, tracking, K-9 nose work, of course herding, and conformation. For more information on PON activities, see the menu items below.  The Polish Lowland Sheepdog 2013 Polish Constitution Day Parade - Salute to Polish pride and tradition. 2013 Eukanuba Obedience- Stella and Debbie travel to Orlando, their experience. 2013 Eukanuba Conformation-  Zak and his parents Robert & Darius in Orlando. Traveling with your PON - Link for all things relating to pet travel. Conformation - AKC beginner's Guide to Dog Shows Obedience - An Overview of Traditional Obedience Trials By Debbie Snyir Agility-  Link to AKC Agility page Herding-  Link to Getting Started in Herding Therapy PONs - Alex the Great:Therapy Dog by Carol Delaney Training Clubs - Link to training clubs near you
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