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BREEDER DIRECTORY The American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club®, a.k.a. APONC™ does not endorse any breeders listed here, nor make any claim(s) or representation as to the health or quality of any of the dogs/puppies. Whenever purchasing a puppy or dog, we encourage you to conduct research, talk to many breeders, and ask a lot of questions. click here for:  Currently Available Puppies Canine Health Information for Polish Lowland Sheepdog can be found on CHIC PON DATABASE   (select search for dogs in the registry) Polish Lowland Sheepdog Breeders:
Home of Polish Lowland Sheepdogs
New Jersey: Gryck, Jan and Bob Ponder US, Manahawkin, NJ Phone: (609) 489-4567 e-mail: PonderUs PONs  website: www.ponderus.com  North Carolina:  Gray, Donna StarPONs, Harrisburg, N.C. Phone: (704) 454-7989 e-mail: StarPONs  website: www.starpons.com  Kim, Kristine Snowhill PONs, Durham, N.C Phone: (919) 383-7937 e-mail: SnowHill PONs  website: www.snowhillpons.com  Ohio: Atkins, Roseanne Rosie's PONs, West Chester, OH Phone: (513) 777-2170 e-mail: Rosies PONs Wisconsin: Siehr, Pam and Vic Polish Hill PONs, Manitowic, WI Phone: (920) 682-0926 E-mail: Polish Hill PONs  website: www.polishhillpons.com Tieszen, Bozena Cracovia PONs, Millwakee, WI  Phone: (414) 541-6383 Email: Cracovia PONs
California: Faraci, Mim Ponavie PONs, San Francisco, CA Phone: (650) 533-2216 e-mail: Ponavie PONs website: www.ponavie.com  Wilson, Beverly / Cabral, Martin Stonebrook PONs, San Diego County, CA Phone: (760) 716-0862 e-mail: Stonebrook PONs website: www.stonebrookkennels.com  Colorado: Stekoll, Susan DarBozy PONs, Parker, CO Phone: (720) 434-1440 e-mail: DarBozy Pons website: www.polishsheepdog.com Illinois:  Czerechowicz, Cindy StarPONs, Palatine, IL Phone: (847) 828-4183 e-mail: StarPONs website: www.starpons.com Hirata, Magdalena Swan Crest PONs, Libertyville, IL Phone: (440) 565-7499 Email: Swan Crest PONs  website: www.swancrest-show-pons.com  Korzeniowska, Margaret Tramperus, Prospect Heights, IL Phone: (847) 612-2897 e-mail: Tramperus PONs website: www.tramperusdog.com  Kowalyk, Agata Pacynka, Park Ridge, IL Phone: (847) 384-1447 e-mail: Pacynka PONs  website: www.pacynkapons.com Nevada:  Cross, Darlene Sundancer PONs, Las Vegas, NV Phone: (702) 433-4411 e-mail: Sundancer PONs website: www.sundancerpons.com